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As Bobbi Kristina enters the most difficult period in her life, grandmother Cissy Houston is determined to help turn her life around. 

DETAILS: Bobby Brown’s Fight For Bobbi Kristina Continues

The 78-year-old mother of Whitney Houston and grandmother to Bobbi Kristina declared, “I’ll be damned if I’m burying my grandbaby.”

DETAILS: Bobbi Kristina Clueless About Bobby Brown’s Funeral Exit

According to NY Daily News:

“In the aftermath of Whitney’s death, she’s running the show,” a second source explained.

Cissy Houston “couldn’t do nothing with Whitney and the hangers-on, moochers and enablers that sucked the life out of her,” the second source continued. But “she has the reins of this now.”

It was previously reported that Bobbi Kristina was found doing drugs after her mother’s funeral, but that’s not the case. Now that Cissy has stepped in, you can bet things are going to be different. 

“She was with the family the whole time,” Love tells Access Hollywood. “We all went to a restaurant we call after a funeral or home celebration, a repast, where everybody goes and sits and talks and eats. She was there, she was there yesterday, she’s been with the family these last couple of days.”

Whitney treated her daughter more like a friend, since she was “absent” through most of Bobbi’s childhood years. 

“Whitney felt bad that she wasn’t present as a mother” in Bobbi Kristina’s life, the source said, “so she treated her like a friend. That was her way to be close to her.”

Mother and daughter were extremely close, seen partying just a few days before Whitney’s death. Let’s hope that now the family has stepped in, Bobbi Kristina can get on the right path. 

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