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Pop band Fun. is having fun performing their smash hit “We Are Young,” so much fun that they hit up funnyman Conan O’Brien’s late night show.

ALBUM STREAM: Fun. Releases Some Nights Via Soundcloud Stream

Fun. reached mainstream success when the cast of Fox’s hit series Glee covered their song “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monae.

“We Are Young” has since gone #1 on iTunes and has been featured on the Chevy Sonic Super Bowl commercial.

NEW VIDEO: fun. & Janelle Monae “We Are Young”

The guys showed up without their partner in crime Janelle Monae, but the song is just as good without her vocal input.

Fun. recently released their album Some Nights, which is currently available on iTunes and a retailer near you.

Take a quick minute to check out all the fun Fun. is having on Conan!