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Leave it up to Newt Gingrich to call President Obama a baby killer. Newt blasted Barack for his pro-choice history during last night’s Republican presidential debate in Arizona.

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When asked about Obama’s recent decision mandating that employers’ insurance plans cover contraception, Newt Gingrich pointed out that Obama voted in favor of a law that protected abortion providers during his term as state senator of Illinois.

As Gingrich put it:

“You did not once during the 2008 campaign ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide. If we’re going to debate about who is the extremist on this issues, it is President Obama, who, as a state senator, voted to protect doctors who killed babies.”

Mitt Romney didn’t shy away either, criticizing Obama’s new requirement where insurers of faith-based organizations who object to birth control must offer the coverage to those groups’ employees for free. Romney said:

“I don’t think we’ve seen in the history of this country the kind of attack on religious freedom we’ve seen in Barack Obama most recently requiring the Catholic Church to provide for its employees and its various enterprises health care insurance that would include birth control, sterilization and the morning after pill.” 

It was an Obama bash at the 26th debate last night in Arizona as expected, but for Newt to say that the President is in favor of legalizing infanticide is just wrong. We doubt that the President is an advocate of killing a human infant.