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When it comes to striking a pose in a barely there bikini, Angela Martini has seen them all and worn them all, so when it came to creating her own line of swimwear, the model had more than enough inspiration to draw from.

Known for walking a multitude of runways during fashion weeks and being featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Angela is switching the hand from modeling to designing.

Who better to know what a woman looks for in a bikini than one who makes a living wearing fabulous ones.

GlobalGrind caught up with the model to talk exclusively about the inspiration for her new swimsuit line, Angela Martini Bikinis, and how she plans to make a splash in the fashion world with her bikini debut.

GlobalGrind: Tell us about the creative process.

Angela Martini: You see the number logo? It’s the Roman numeral two that also stands for Gemini. I’m a Gemini; it represents the other half. Everyone is looking for the romance, the other half, and the other ego. That’s why I did the Roman two. I did black and white, which is classic. It’s so hard to find a bikini that is just black, and white has to be crazy all the time. White cannot be just classy with style, but still sexy, so that is why I did the whole collection black or white, and it’s one color, always with stones or always with animal print.

That’s why in the whole collection I have six different bottoms. Normally when you have a collection of ten different pieces, it’s all the same bottom. That’s not the case. Everyone has a different shape, so if it’s the front or the back, it fits. You can buy this top and use it with that bottom; it’s your choice.

That’s why I want to make it easier for women. Even though I’m a lingerie model and I’m considered the “perfect body,” at the same time when I used to go for a bikini, I would think, ‘I need it bigger here and smaller there,’ then I had to buy two bikinis to match them together. It’s hard already enough for a woman to get a bikini, there’s a thousand things she’s thinking, ‘Oh I’m not perfect.’ This you should not worry. Get your size.

When you put a on bikini, what’s the most important part of it for you?

For me, it is the bottom that it looks good. Sometimes I find one and I will love the top or I love the color and I think, ‘Why is this bottom so big or why is it so small?’ I wish that wasn’t the case. It is about obtaining comfort, but still remaining sexy.

When you see the names of the bikinis, everything has a name: “I am passionate,” “I am timeless,” and it is because of independent strong women. It isn’t independent like I don’t need a man, but independent that you’re still passionate and you’re still a tease.

I’m a girl’s girl. All the people on my team are women and I don’t believe that all other girls are competition; I believe that you empower each other. That’s why the names are not who I am only, but when you wear this, the name should be a reminder to you. Don’t forget that.

I am still going to model, I am still going to be very strong in lingerie modeling, but I want to do this and have other projects. I am so proud of the Martini Corporation. Before I had no idea how much hard work it would be. I thought you get the bikini, take nice pictures, but now I am learning how the whole corporation works.

Tell us about your inspiration for the designs.

I was thinking about the bikini line and whether or not I should bring it out. I was watching a movie, an old movie that was all black and white, it was this James Bond movie, and the woman came out of the water in a white bikini. It was just simple and I was thinking, ‘Wow when is the last time I saw just a nice white bikini or a nice black bikini?’ I thought I should do a whole story in only black and white with my bikini, so that’s what I did. Every bottom is different, it’s very important for me for women to have a choice. I would ask my girlfriends what they like, so basically my inspiration is my girlfriends.

What are places in the world where you love to go and wear a bikini?

Saint Tropez, Miami, Capri, Albania.

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