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While Khloe is the youngest of the Kardashian girls, she may be the most headstrong and wise of the three. When Khloe got light of Kim wanting a divorce from Kris, she was in complete agreement and utter approval. 

On Tuesday, Khloe and Jay Leno chopped it up on The Tonight Show and explained that Humphries just “rubbed me the wrong way” from the very start.

The reality TV star first met Humphries one late evening and his opening statement to her was:

“How much are you and Lamar getting paid for faking your marriage?”

We’d be rubbed the wrong way too, Khloe…

Could this be some kind of confirmation that Kim’s marriage was indeed staged? Kris put his foot in his mouth with this one. 

Of course Khloe, though taken aback, laughed it off in hopes that he was just kidding.

Turns out that the 72-day marriage set poor Kimmy back years of emotional stability.

Check out the video for Khloe’s take on Humphries: