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Katy Perry has been pulling out all the stops since her divorce with Russell Brand was finalized, and every single move she makes is a good one.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry Drops Jaws On The Cover Of Interview Magazine

Katy proved herself, yet again, in the photos from this month’s issue of Interview Magazine. The pop star looks almost unrecognizable in the editorial shoot that channels the backstage aura of a burlesque show.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry Heads To Invalides Place In Paris

The photos were a refreshing break from Katy’s playful allure and proves that she can also walk on the dark side.

In the interview, Katy sat down with Bridesmaids’ star Kristin Wigg to divulge details about where she sees herself at 80.

On her experience hosting “Saturday Night Live”:
“I thought it was really fun, and, of course, interesting and educational in terms of how the industry works…You know how they call SNL ‘the institution?’ It is like an institution—but in a good way. There’s nothing like it, so everyone kind of dreams about doing it. But then you actually get there and realize how much work it is and how little time you guys have to put the whole show together…I think we had three consecutive 20-hour days or something.

On how she’s quite different from her fellow family members:
“I think they just see that the dynamic has changed because I’m in a different place. But it’s not like I disrespect them in any way. I mean, I take care of them. But that’s what I’ve always wanted: to have enough that I could make sure that everyone in my family had enough. I grew up not really having anything, so the idea that I can take care of my family and my friends now is a really cool bonus.”

On where she sees herself at the age of eighty:
“I feel like I could be in Florida on a kind of healthy trip where I’m just riding my bike and chillin’ at the beach, with an assisted-living condo bit and a meal delivery service—which is sort of how I’m living now. But I also kind of hope that I turn out to be like my grandma, who is 91 and so rad.”

Check out the behind the scenes video at Katy during the shoot below.