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Looks like running New York City was getting old for Diddy because he jumped ship and headed over to France to enjoy the festivities of Paris Fashion Week.

Diddy was not rolling solo, however, his non-confirmed “Official Girl” Cassie was spotted out in Paris making her rounds as well.

STORY: Cassie Reveals That Diddy Taught Her Some Thangs!

Cassie was spotted leaving her hotel yesterday rocking a casual look topped off with a white blazer, her ever-so-famous shaved head and a pair of dark shades. The singer kept her head low and hurried through the crowd to her vehicle.

STORY: J.Lo & Diddy Reunite At The Oscars: He Wants That Old Thang Back!?

When recent Oscar winner Diddy was spotted leaving his hotel, he was on top of the world and he wanted everyone to know it. The rapper/producer donned a similar blazer and t-shirt combo as he stood on the step of the car and opened his arms wide to greet his fans. Classic Diddy moves.

Check out the gallery above to see the lovebirds in Paris.