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Why so sad Katy?

Katy Perry was recently spotted attending the Viktor and Rolf Fashion Show in Paris with a glum look on her face.

The pop star, who is recently divorced from ex Russell Brand did not appear to be her bubbly and upbeat self.

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Katy’s electric blue outfit was a knockout for sure, but her somber facial expression suggested that her mind may have been elsewhere. Katy paired her outfit with a prescription pill purse – quite a fashion statement. 

The divorce may have taken a toll on Katy. Watching your ex stroll the city with his new beau in tow is never an easy feat. But things are looking up for our “California Gurl.” 

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The singer is currently in talks with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for a possible role in his upcoming biopic on Britain’s Got Talent star Paul Potts. Katy is set to play Potts’ wife Julie-Ann in the film if she gets the part.

Katy is more than thrilled to start the new project, telling a source at the at Weinstein’s pre-Oscar party at Soho House recently: “I love a challenge.” 

Seems Katy is using this time to further her career and monopolize different opportunities. We’re glad to see Katy is making the best of the situation!