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The real housewives of the Republican Party are standing by their men as they should be, particularly Ann Romney and Karen Santorum, both of whom have been outspoken as of late when it comes to their Presidential hopeful husbands.

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Speaking on the criticism of her husband Mrs. Santorum said:

“My husband is brilliant, he knows so much about — you know, like I said — national security, jobs, the economy. You know, every aspect of this race, any issue out there, he’s brilliant.”

She says she takes it personally when her husband’s critics cast him as a social conservative misfit who doesn’t understand modern women.

Anne Romney’s glowing words for her husband run along the same lines, as she resonates her husband’s beliefs when it comes to their wealth.

Mrs. Romney told Fox News Monday that she doesn’t consider herself to be rich: 

“I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing.”

Either way, both ladies will always believe in their men of power. Let’s take a closer look at both First Lady hopefuls.


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