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The always stunning Cassandra Ventura, Cassie for short, stopped by BBC Radio One studio in London, England yesterday afternoon.

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The singer/model spilled on her infamous relationship with Diddy, working with Nicki Minaj and reconnecting with her ex-lover Ryan Leslie. Here are some of the juicy highlights: 

On Kanye’s new womenswear line: “It looks really, really great. The quality of it is really good and you can see that he’s grown since his last show.”

On meeting Shyne during Paris Fashion Week: “He is one of the nicest people, just like Rick Ross, and down-to-earth. I like when people have very little words when they speak. When they say something, it means something. They’re not just talking to hear themselves talk.”

On her rumored romantic relationship with Diddy: “I choose to say that I don’t talk about my personal life, but he is one of my very good friends.”

On her sophomore album title: “Electro Love is no longer the name of the album. I switched it. I’m gonna announce it on my website.”

On whether Nicki Minaj will appear on the album: “Possibly,” she said before Westwood responded, “That means yes.”

On reconnecting with Ryan Leslie, who produced her debut: “I still haven’t worked with him on this album, but we did meet and he heard my new music. I’m still open to do something ’cause we’re not done until we’re done with it.”

Cassie never mentions Diddy, so while she still hasn’t quite admitted anything – at least we got an acknowledgement. Stay tuned!

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