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Fame has always been a gift and a curse when it comes to a person’s ego.

It can consume or uplift a person, but either way, it will try to change a person!

But some male celebrities have a good woman by their side to keep them humble. Women who have been there since day one! We call them ride or die woman who were able to ride it out and achieve the big reward.

VIDEO: Victor Cruz Goes HARD On The Field

Victor Cruz recently went to a Nets game with his girlfriend Elaina Watley, who’s been with Victor since before his salsa Super Bowl champion days.

She’s been there through it all with him, from his first day of practice as an unknown rookie, to finally seeing him make his first Super Bowl touchdown.

Through all this, it turns out Victor Cruz isn’t the only one who has a ride or die on his arm!

Rapper J. Cole has been with his girlfriend Melissa since his freshman year of college, long before he was being co-signed by Jay-Z.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke were high school sweethearts … now that’s true love.

Even LeBron James just proposed to his girlfriend Savannah Brinson, who stuck by him when he was drafted out of high school to the NBA.

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Whether it’s been 2 years, or 20 years, it just shows that sometimes the key to success is the woman who held you down in the background.

Check out the gallery to see which celebrities have a girl that’s held them down since day 1 of their fame!