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We all know Beyonce plays no games when it comes to her career. The “Single Ladies” hip-pop diva is set to star in Clint Eastwood‘s update of A Star Is Born and it looks like the choice for the leading man role is almost set as well.

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Sources say none other than the charming Tom Cruise is at the top of list of choice for the leading role.

Warner Brother’s Studio is trying to get their hands on the actor, attempting to squeeze the film in between two movie projects he’s already slated for.

There’s no word on who else is up for the role but it’s said the Tom is quite confident he’ll do a superb job with this musical character, having already portrayed a hard core rocker in Rock of Ages.

As for Beyonce, she should be back to her fit working self just in time for filming in the Summer.

No mission is too impossible for Mr. Cruise so hopefully the actor can fit this into his busy schedule.

Who better to star alongside Queen Bey than this super stunt man?