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Adele‘s tragic heartbreaking love story translated into her album “21” and has been the driving force behind the success of that album. It’s the main topic of discussion of the record is and as she puts it in her Grammy speech was “a rubbish relationship.”

But we’ve all been wondering who is the man that caused all the turmoil and heartache that inspired some of our favorite songs?

Well the Daily Mail has broken the mystery down like a game of “Clue” giving us the rundown on all the possible candidates and theories behind the muse for Adele’s “21.”

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DailyMail says:

‘There are a few clues. She said last year: ‘We just fell out of love … and I had to deal with the devastation of feeling like a failure because I couldn’t make things work.’

In another interview, she said: ‘He was a few years older than me. He made me feel alive … and made me really passionate about food, wine, film, sociology, history and travelling. He opened my eyes to a lot of things.’

They also give us a range of theories. One claiming that there is no heartbreaker at all and the “Someone Like You” singer just manifested a character to gush about.

Would we still adore Adele if the idea behind her successful album was just a game of a pretend?

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Maybe, but they even say the record could also be based around her absent father Mark Evans.

But out of all the possible heartbreaker it’s most convincing that the culprit could be 36-year-old DJ and uber-producer Mark Ronson.

Mark was one of the first to support Adele’s music back in 2006 and they did spend quite a good amount of time working on her first album. Although Adele isn’t his typical type when asked about the album Mark responded “no comment.”

Mmm… and the mystery continues. Maybe Adele will one day throw us a bone and reveal the heartbreaker but until then you can head over to the DailyMail to check out all the possible lady killers.