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Tek-Neek and Yung Texxus are swagged all the way up!

The two emcees have been in the lab working on a “lyrically intoxicating” project titled Dead Presidentz-N-Caddies that they say will DESTROY your speaker box!

With their latest video “I Be Swagged Up,” we’re sure the project will live up to its hype!

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Tek-Neek hops on the self-produced track first with a chopped & screwed flow.

The South Carolina emcee raps:

You always catch a n*gga always swagged up / Ben Franks on the ladder / tryna get this cash up / hoes throw they ass up / but it’s money I can’t pass up / afilliated with some n*ggas who like throw that mask up”

Yung Texxus, aka Mista Green follows up:

“It’s a mother f*ckin Texas thing that we do / Blacks and my Mexicans we’re people / trill n*ggas round the world I see you / pinky and the index when I greet you”

The video treatment, also directed by Tek-Neek, follows the “less is more” mantra, with Neek and Yung Texxus performing their verses alongside two femme fatales.

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“I Be Swagged Up” is only a teaser, and is available for download on their personal website.

The next single is set to feature legendary UGK rapper Bun B, so look out for that next drop! 

Tek-Neek and Yung Texxus will be performing at SXSW this week. Showtimes and dates are available via

For now, check out the video for “I Be Swagged Up” above! 

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