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Word on the street is that Karrueche is scared to death of those crazy Rihanna fans!

As we previously reported, Chris Brown‘s current girlfriend and the “Birthday Cake” singer have been in a gentle Twitter war of words for quite some time now.  

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Karrueche tweeted claims that she is “Ray Charles to the bull crap” and Rihanna tweeted a picture of some rice cakes with the caption of “I’m a make you my bitch.” Hmm…

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Rihanna’s die hard fans have now joined in the back-and-forth, and according to TMZ, the Rihanna Navy started sending death threats to Karrueche and well, Breezy’s boo is a little shook. 

Rihanna’s fans took the joke one step too far — unleashing an avalanche of violent threats on Karrueche … like “I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!” … “Watch yo back” … and “I will kill you.”

Rihanna never admitted the rice cake jab was directed at Karrueche — but sources close to Karrueche tell TMZ, she now refuses to leave her house without Chris Brown’s hired muscle by her side.

In today’s world of crazy fans and need for extremes, one would be smart to take some extra precaution, but if Karrueche’s latest tweet is any indication of the truth, she advises “never be afraid to be yourself.”

We think it’s safe to say Karreuche is still going to be riding around and getting it!