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Back in the day getting ‘sleeved-up’ was considered extreme.

But notorious ink-enthusiasts like Machine Gun Kelly and Wiz Khalifa are prime examples of pigment passion!

Where most of us would think “skin,” they instantly think “canvas” – dedicating every inch of their flesh to some of the illest illustrations we’ve ever seen.

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Wayne said it best: “bodies marked up like a subway in Harlem!”

As time progressed however, some of music’s hottest rappers and rock stars have taken decorating their dermis to the extreme – tagging their bodies in places we would have never assumed an ink needle would ever touch!

These guys and gals started thinking with their heads and got creative – literally.

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Birdman took the lead in 2009 with the debut of a blood-red, five point star which crowned the center of his cranium.

And just recently, Slaughterhouse emcee Yelawolf dedicated a piece of his dome to Johnny Cash and his current girlfriend, Canadian singer FeFe Dobson.

Though the placement of these tattoos are extreme, we certainly can’t deny that they’re still dope!

Here’s a list of some of the best rock star and rapper skull art!

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