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Karrueche is shook! 

DETAILS: Is Karrueche Scared To Leave The House Cause of Riri?

Reports surfaced yesterday that Chris Brown‘s girlfriend was scared to death to leave the house because the Rihanna navy was waging war on Kae’s rice cakes. 

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It turns out that might be a bunch of crap! 

Karrueche took to Twitter to sarcastically address the rumors, tweeting:

“sitting in the house cuz I’m too scared to go out.”

Her next two tweets were smiley faces, one of the straight face, the other one laughing hysterically. Karrueche may get the last laugh again, as she tweets the age-old adage, “Sometimes you just got to make the best out of a negative situation.”

There’s nothing negative about her love life. Chris Brown and Karrueche have two new dogs named Basquiat and Bruno. She shared a picture of the two pups via her Who Say page.

You know what they say? If you scared, get a dog! Karrueche now has two.

Karrueche is never scared!