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Here at GlobalGrind we like to keep you up to date on the hottest single women in the world. So it was to our surprise when we heard that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Genevieve Morton is single!

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For all the guys trying to take her out, they should know a couple of things before they try to approach her. 

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First, don’t try to holla at her over the Internet. The SI Swimsuit Edition South Africa cover girl finds it totally creepy when guys ask her out over the internet. She revealed:

“I get a lot of people sending me messages on the internet asking me to date them or go out, and it’s very weird. It’s funny in a way, but it’s kind of scary. I don’t know if people are joking.”

Once you get the date you should know that dinner might not be her first choice, even though she loves hamburgers.

She also explained to us, “I don’t go to too many restaurants even if I really like them, so that I won’t eat too much of the food. There’s this amazing place that I love, it’s the oldest bar in New York called McSorley’s and they have the best hamburgers in the whole city.”

Now we can’t give you all the tips you need to be Genevieve’s next man, but we can give you the inspiration to try to make her yours!