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There’s a new reality show franchise underway, created by one of the “starters” from Basketball Wives

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Writer and actor Christian Keyes has teamed up with Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie and her husband, former NBA star Doug Christie, to begin filming a show called Cali Boys.

Jackie explains, “The show will open the lives of the cast members up to the viewer in a no holds bar fashion and allow the viewer to accompany them on their journeys, which I’m honored to be a part of. And helping them all to realize their dreams.” 

Cameras have already begun to follow the six cast members during their everyday struggle of breaking into their perspective fields. Cameras will continue to roll even when most doors are closed in their faces.

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The couple plans to take the show around the country and when you add in the always entertaining relationship of Doug and Jackie, we’ll be tuned in for sure. 

The married couple are also said to be producing adult content as well! Sounds like they’ll be super busy.