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There are two really cool things are happening today. The first thing is that it is officially spring and the second cool thing is that today you guys are getting another installment of Cool Table Tuesdays. As usual I love that you guys are taking the time to chill with me for a little bit and check out all of the things that I found to be interesting this week. Check it all out in the gallery above and next time, let your friends come by and sit with us every Tuesday; everyone is welcome!

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 14)

My favorite piece this week has to be the Nike Sportswear Destroyer Trench Coat. First of all, I love my Nike Destroyer Varsity jacket so I know that if this fits anything like my varsity, then the fit will be equally as awesome. Secondly, the jacket is made in Italy and when it comes to craftsmanship, the Italians have got it down to a science. The materials on the jacket are a premium coated cotton for the body and then sleeves are suede, so even though the suede isn’t the most practical for inclement weather, it is still such a cool jacket.  Add to the fact that it’s all black, and this jacket is perfect for me, especially for the fall and spring seasons.  The $900 price tag via Oki-Ni is a bit hefty but well worth it.

My second favorite item is a collection of scarves from Brooklyn Zoo Apparel.  It’s a small company that has gotten the attention from some big name celebrities and stylists. I know that it’s a bit warm for scarves but on a cool night or if you want to jazz up an outfit for a night out, the scarves are perfect. They are all intricately hand knitted and some also have stud embellishments that add a very unique flare to any outfit. The scarves are also unisex so if your significant other wants to borrow it, they can still pull it off and look just as awesome. The prices vary but are definitely all worth it. Make sure you check out their website for the entire collection of scarves and a small selection of t-shirts.

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 13)

Take a look at all of the cool things that I picked out for you in the gallery above this week in today’s installment of Cool Table Tuesdays with me, Cool Table Jay.

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