Last week supermodel-turned-bosspreneur Elle MacPherson debuted the reality show she executive produced and hosts for NBC, Fashion Star. There’s a panel of mentors for the unknown aspiring designers: singer-turned-billion dollar fashion empire entrepreneur Jessica Simpson, House of Harlow designer Nicole Richie and one of Brad Pitt‘s favorite menswear designers: John Varvatos.

The unknown contestants present their line for review in a mini-runway show and if sales-worthy, buyers from H&M, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue buy their favorite items. And get this: the items are literally in stores available for purchase the very next day after the episode airs!

Now how’s that for fast fashion?

And if you’re curious how it all went last week after the show’s debut, “sales of Fashion Star merchandise exceeded expectations,” says Macy’s spokesperson Holly Thomas.

Macy’s sold out of an $89 eyelet maxi dress designed by Nikki Poulos in less than 12 hours, fashionistas gobbled up H&M’s $19.95 Sarah Parrott frock and $350 zipper mini-skirts from contestant Orly Shani sold out on Saks sales floor. The winner will earn a $6 million contract to have their clothes sold at Macy’s, H+M and Saks Fifth Avenue – on a more permanent basis. 

With this kid of success, GlobalGrind had to talk to the Aussie model dubbed “The Body” back in the day. We think “The Boss” is more apropos now.

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Tell us about Fashion Star. How did it come about, how did it develop?

For some time I wanted to play in the fashion space, but to approach fashion from retail and branding. I feel that the fashion business is doing so much, but there is definitely room for more programs on fashion veteran’s different perspective.

You have that other show that everyone knows that is about making clothes and then this program is really about showing clothes. It’s about style and how to sell and it’s on network TV, which is NBC. I have wanted for some time to play in this space and I didn’t know quite what form it was going to take until the last lunch and we started looking at the stage and format.

It’s a crucial that it’s about sharing clothes really. You see these clothes walk down the runway to the retailers: Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue. One of those retailers will or will not buy the contestant’s clothes that week. But if they do buy them, they can spend up to $200,000 or $300,000 dollars worth of cash on the clothes and you can buy them immediately. It’s immediate gratification for the viewers at home. They watch the show, they like the t-shirt, they can buy the t-shirt online that night or the very next day.

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You always look so chic, who are your favorite designers?

I’m more of style chick than a label chick. I have a uniform, which is usually comfortable leather pants and a t-shirt or jeans and a t-shirt and heels and a jacket. In the winter, it’ll be heels and a furry thing or a leather jacket. If it’s summer it’ll be some sort of little jacket or flat shoes. I think my inspiration is more French Vogue than American Vogue.

Anything else you want to share with GlobalGrind readers? 

Stay tuned to Fashion Star on NBC, check out my lingerie line – Elle McPherson Intimates on and Revlon Age Defying Makeup, it keeps you looking cool.

Fashion Star airs Tuesdays at 9:30pm on NBC. Visit for more info.

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