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Danny Brown takes us on a quick journey through his life on his new track “Grown Up.”

MUSIC: Danny Brown “Baseline”

Compared to some of Danny’s regular spaced-out, raunchy tracks, “Grown Up” feels more traditional and nostalgic. The song sounds like something you could have heard back in 1992.

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Over a smooth piano loop (provided by producer Party Supplies, who just produced a banging mixtape with Action Bronson), some DJ scratches and sounds of children yelling in the back, Danny Brown raps:

“Never ever quit I just kept on pursuing. Teacher always asked me ‘what was I doing?’ Scribbling in my homework and never did homework. Low attention span, guess these Adderall work. Rocked Tommy Hil shirts, the one with the boat. Rocked poor kicks way before we smoked.”

Just a short, dope new track from Danny. We’re feeling it. What do you think?