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Hanky Panky and the makers of Hello Kitty have teamed up to release official Hello Kitty undergarments!

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The popular undergarment brand Hanky Panky has recently announced a new collection in collaboration with the famous Hello Kitty. The senior brand-marketing director of line stated:

““A lot of people think this is jut a brand for kids and teens, but many women 18 years and older have grown up with Hello Kitty and can relate to the brand in a more adult way.”

The new collection will launch in May and be available in small boutiques, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. The pieces will range from $27 and $98 and include lots of lace and pink trim.

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The collection will either be a total success or a problem for one huge reason. Hello Kitty products are often purchased by the younger generations. We’re not too sure how adults will like it. We just hope young teenagers don’t get their hands on these lingerie products, but either way we wish Hanky Panky success!