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It’s the age-old battle of man vs. woman.

The highly anticipated film Think Like A Man hits theaters April 20, and it’s had us thinking for awhile now —can a woman really think like a man? When it comes to topics like dating and sex, how different are men and women, really?

To satisfy our appetite of curiosity, we brought together our own panel of influencers for a Battle of the Sexes to hash out how different men and women really are when it comes to topics like dating and sex.

NYC’s DJ Absolut, music industry personality O’Neal McKnight and Vibe Magazine’s Datwon Thomas were on hand representing the men, while BET’s Rocsi Diaz, Power 105 radio host Angela Yee and relationship expert and reality star Tionna Smalls had a lot to say for the women.

With GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter as the moderator, our panel gave us some interesting insight into the different topics at hand: first dates, marriage and relationships, sex, and the always controversial texting and social networking.

Never one to make things easy, Sharon threw plenty of risqué questions out at the panel. Is it ever OK to fake an orgasm, sleep with your friend’s ex and what’s the appropriate time to leave after a one-night stand?

If you’re looking for some advice, check out our Battle of the Sexes series this month, exclusively on GlobalGrind and don’t forget to check out Think Like A Man when it hits theaters April 20.

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