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Welcome to another fresh installment of Tuesdays at the Cool Table with me, Cool Table Jay. As always, I am uber excited to have you guys here with me and I’d love to show off all of the things that caught my attention this week. Check out some of my favorite things from this week in the gallery above.

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My favorite thing this week has to be the Ego book that is coming out by Takashi Murakami. I have not even seen the inside of the book but I love Takashi and his “super-flat” style of artwork. I have been to exhibits of his before and this book is based on the exhibit by the same name (Ego) that is now on display at Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall in Doha, Qatar. The exhibit features some of the Takashi’s most famous superflat pieces, alongside illustrations and photos of various sculptures and structures. Since I don’t plan on being in Qatar any time soon, this book is my best bet. The other thing that is great about this book is that it will be released on my birthday, September 11th, so it will definitely be something to look forward to. 

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 14)

Another favorite piece that I saw this week was the SS LHAMO SH ONEWASH by Visvim. It’s basically a denim shirt that was split down the middle and adjusted to make it more like a cardigan. The piece draws inspiration from the garbs of Tibetan monks, but I’m sure that they were not wearing 8 oz. Okayama denim with a selvedge interior lining, antique cuff buttons and hemp check details. Sure, it costs close to $900, but I really think that the craftsmanship speaks for itself. Definitely a cool piece to have for any progressively stylish guy that can afford it.

Check out these two pieces and so much more all in this week’s installment of Cool Table Tuesday. 

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