As gossip avenues would have it, Love & Hip-Hop‘s Emily B “underwent some plastic surgery” on her eyes. The overreaching hearsay was quickly hushed when Emily herself went to Twitter and posted her baby pics. 

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We’ve all experienced those rare moments where we’re photographed and the way the light hits our face or the way our face is angled results in a randomly unique photo op of what we, otherwise, may not usually look like.

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We’re guessing that’s what happened when the fresh-faced TV star Emily B Twitter-posed for her fans, displaying her beautifully structured face with sharp eyebrown and stunning eyes.

Anyone who thoroughly indulged in the reality hit, featuring an all-female cast of urbane moguls, would know angled eyes and a curvy bod were Emily’s (natural) trademarks.

Ask Fabolous

But Emily tells you herself, as she goes on Twitter to nonchalantly respond to the idle rumors:

Dear MTO.. This pic was taken months ago while filming.. I was born w/this face #Idiots

And right below her young’n vintage photo, she captions:

I’m just 😉 

This Puerto-Rican/Dominican lass is au naturel.


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