It’s been over a month and the police report from the night Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman has finally been released to the public.

The reports indicate that Zimmerman made a phone call to the police department, entailing that he saw a “suspicious black male.” The officer who arrived at the scene first has been identified as Ofe. T. Smith.

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In the document, officer T. Smith acknowledged that when arriving to the scene on February 27th, 2012, he saw Trayvon laying face down on the ground, in a gray sweater, blue jeans, and white/red sneakers. T. Smith, along with Sgt. Raimondo, attempted to bring Trayvon back to life, performing CPR.

Soon after, the document illustrates Sandford Fire Rescue arriving at the scene, attempting to revive Trayvon and finally declaring Trayvon deceased.

According to the documents released, officers also saw grass stains and an injured Zimmerman bleeding from the back of his head and nose. Officers also indicate in the documents that Zimmerman said:

“I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me.”

Zimmerman was not asked any questions about the incident by authorities; however, he was turned over to Investigator D. Singleton, who interviewed him.

In addition to the accounts made by officers, the reports also showed that there were 6 civilians who witnessed the incident.

To see the police reports click here.

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