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Jay-Z was recently spotted heading towards his NYC office looking fresh to death. The 42-year-old rapper was ballin’ out solo carrying an iPad in his hand like a true businessman.

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Jay-Z’s pockets definitely have something to celebrate. Since the new renovations, Jay’s hotspot, the 40/40 club, has been raking in the dough. 

According to Forbes, Jay-Z wakes up and makes money!

The site revealed:

By that back-of-the-envelope math, that means 40/40 is projecting profits of $5 million per year, about $415,000 per month or $14,000 per day.

Rebello says at least 12-15% of that is expected to come from rentals of private rooms, which command upwards of $2,000 per night for rental and food/drink fees.

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Keep up the good work Jay!

We’re happy for Jay-Z and his accomplishments. Is there anything he can’t do?

Check out the gallery to see him walking through NYC.


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