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Adele must have taken being called “too fat” by Karl Lagerfeld to the heart, because she has switched up her lifestyle and is beginning to shed some serious weight. 

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According to reports, 23-year-old Adele and hr 36-year-old beau Simon Konecki have committed to a new healthier lifestyle and are helping one another drop some lbs.

No, they aren’t partaking in strenuous ‘couples’ activities’ to lose the weight, instead they have switched over to following a strict vegetarian diet and spend time jogging with their pup Louie every single morning.

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According to a friend of Adele, the pair has already lost nearly 15 pounds each and plan to keep up on the strict regimen until the end of April. According to the friend, the pair is ‘inseparable.’

“They are inseparable – they are losing weight together, getting fit together and planning a future together. Adele says she’s doing her best work and feels healthier than she has for months,” her friend said. 

Aw, the best type of love stories are the ones with happy and healthy endings. She looked gorgeous before but we can’t wait to see Adele’s new bod. 

Check out some earlier photos of the pair and their pup before the weight loss in the gallery above.