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Dania Ramirez is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. But in her new film American Reunion, she plays an unattractive girl named Selena, who turned her life around to become a bombshell bartender with a thing for iconic American Pie character Finch. 

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We caught up with the actress and found out that much like her character, her yearbook picture wasn’t pretty. Check out interview below and see American Wedding in theaters this Friday. 

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GlobalGrind: What was it like joining the cast of such an established and iconic franchise?

Dania: Oh it was absolutely exciting! I remember going to see American Pie in the theater in 1999. Especially because that was at the beginning of my career and I wasn’t really working. So I was a real fan back then. Now, as a fan coming in to be a part of the movie for the fans was really exciting.

Your character did not have the most attractive yearbook photo. What was your high school experience like?

My high school yearbook picture did not look much better. I was tomboy growing up in the Dominican Republic and I had these really long arms that I eventually grew into. I wasn’t really the best looking girl. I came to the states when I was ten and started high school when I was 11, so I was still learning the language and just had a lot going on.

Who was your favorite character in American Pie when you were just a fan?

I identified so much with everyone because of their stories and their conflicts. The reason why it was such a big hit was because you felt like you went to high school with all these people. Stifler is a particular role that’s exciting because there’s no telling what he will do. You do feel for him and feel bad for him, and I think the reason why he’s so funny is because he struggles to be himself. I love that particular character because that’s a struggle I think a lot of people go through. 

How did you get involved with this movie?

It was really cool because it was such a worldwide phenomenon and Universal was so excited to get everyone back together. I was actually filming in New York at the time when I took a meeting at Universal and we were just talking about my career and what I wanted to do. I told them I really wanted to do a comedy or be involved in something funny. And they called me up a few months later and let me know I got the role, so I was very excited.