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Tara Reid grew up before our eyes in the American Pie franchise films, and now she’s back in the latest installment called American Reunion.

In the newest Pie, she returns to back to where it all started to attend her high school reunion, and bumps into her high school sweetheart played by Thomas Ian Nichols – that’s when things get hilarious.

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We caught up with Tara and Thomas and asked them about life, love and sex! Check it out. 

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GlobalGrind: We’ve watched your characters grow up and develop more informed views on life, love and sex. How has your view of Hollywood changed since you first started in this industry?

Tara: I think the industry has dramatically changed, not just with us, but with social networking. We didn’t have Facebook or Twitter back then. Social networking has changed things dramatically in the way that you promote movies. Everything is instant.

Thomas: You flip channels now and it’s all reality TV. I think that reality television has affected entertainment because you have a lot more awkward characters now. When you look at American Pie, Jim is the awkward character and Finch is the aloof one. But now those characters are leading every movie! It’s great that we were able to bring back this comedy considering the shift in American films.

When you heard there was going to be another American Pie with all the original cast, was that an easy yes? Or a tough sell?

Tara: Once I knew that the entire cast was back, it was an easy yes. Because when you put all of us together there’s this great chemistry that comes out and it’s so much fun.

Thomas: When I first heard the rumblings of it four years ago, I of course was excited and I thought it would be fun, but I thought it would be very difficult to bring everyone’s schedules together and was curious if everyone would want to reprise their roles. I was surprised to find out that everyone had a special place in their heart for these characters and this franchise.

Did you have any fears about playing the same characters you played 10 years ago?

Tara: No, I’ve always liked my character. I’ve always loved Vicky. I’ve grown up with her, so I was excited to go back.

Thomas: I think the only concern I had was doing the character justice and staying true to that. Through the course of the films, we’ve noticed the growth of Stifler’s character and how much more he’s in the film as compared to the first one. But for me, it was really important to maintain Kevin’s “straight man” stance in the comedy group and not to give into the humor and still be that sounding board so Stifler can still make those jokes and make fun of my beard.

Was it difficult finding your characters again?

Tara: I had no clue how they were going to write the part back, but I think John and Hayden did an amazing job. Vicky has really gone from a little girl to a woman and I feel like this movie really picked back up from the original one. It’s stayed true to the characters.

Thomas, was it your idea to have your music on the soundtrack? How did that come about?

Thomas: John and Hayden knew about my band and mentioned they liked the music. I’ve always tried to get songs in the soundtrack of all the American Pie films, but this is the first time it worked out. I played an hour set at the wrap party and the writers said, we want to put a song of yours on the soundtrack. At the time I tried to pitch them a cover of “Laid” but then they ended up asking me to do an original song instead.

Going into the fourth film, were you looking for how they would really push the limits this time?

Thomas: The biggest set piece in the first film was obviously Jason and the pie. Lots of films since then have really pushed to new levels, so John and Hayden really did the only thing they could do, which was to just show everything!

Can you talk about how much you’ve changed off-screen since 13 years ago?

Tara: We were all kids when we started this film. We were living out our teenage years and being crazy and wild. Back then we were worried about what college we were going to get into. And now you get older, new challenges in your life start and now it’s a whole different thing like, what’s your job? Am I ever going to get married? Am I going to have kids? Things just change as you get older.

Initially did you have any concerns about the quality of the script with the new writers and directors?

Thomas: I had a lot of anticipation about what we would have and what we would create. John and Hayden care so much about the franchise so once I saw how much they cared about it, I knew we were in good hands.

Tara: I think that John and Hayden did a wonderful job. They really attached the first film to this film. Not only did they get the comedy and the gross-out humor, but they captured the heart of this film.

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