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Contrary to rumors flying around about the end of their relationship, former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and his reality star girlfriend Erika “Hoopz” Alexander are still very much in love.

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While there were tales that the famed hooper had security kick his wifey out of his house back in February, Shaq informed Shade 45 that there was no truth to the gossip:

“We fine. We good. Period… When I want y’all to know something, I got the number up here. I’ll call. If I try to respond to what everybody say, I would have to rent this building out and rent out every floor.”  

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Shaq further cleared up the tittle-tattle about he and Hoopz having split. During the interview with Sway one morning, Shaq disclosed that he and his girlfriend are “fine” and that when something happens, he knows how to reach out to everyone via Twitter and Facebook…

But should Shaq even care to answer to the public about his personal relationships? Either way Hoopz and Shaq are going strong!