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Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan have been through it all in the American Pie series.

From sharing their “this one time at band camp…” stories, to being each other’s firsts, they’ve really grown throughout the series as Michelle and Jim.

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Now these two are married and their sex life isn’t what you might expect, as American Reunion examines their love 10 years later. 

We caught up with these two on-screen love birds to talk about Jason’s nude scene in the movie, and Michelle being a dominatrix!

PHOTOS OF THE DAY 3-20-12: Michelle Obama, Beyonce And More!

Check out the interview below!

GlobalGrind: Jason, what was the conversation like when they asked you to show your junk?

Alyson: It was about time! We’ve spent three movies talking about it and the pie got to see it, so it was about time we got to see it.

Jason: The penis has been a major player in the American Pie franchise. It has been its own character, so it was about time. I kept pushing the writers and directors for that “pie” scene. I gave them a carte blanche and said I’ll do anything as long as it makes sense for the character and the story. So they asked if I would be willing to show my junk and I said yes absolutely …if it’s funny! They pitched me the idea and I thought it was great.

Alyson: As far as the technicalities of shooting that scene, it was quite difficult. I had to become his eyes because he couldn’t see and we had to decide which position was the best.

When you read the dominatrix scene were you like, “Is that all you got guys? I’m Jason Biggs!”

Jason: Yeah! I was like, come on guys step up to the plate! It’s funny because the dominatrix scene was in the earlier drafts and I was like, this is funny, but what’s the next step? So if there was any concern I had with the very early drafts it was a minor concern because this script blew my mind. You read the script and you were like, “Did these guys write the first American Pie?” So I was thinking how much further can we go. But one of the biggest challenges is these characters are in their thirties, so it’s tougher to credibly find these situations where you can stretch these boundaries and put them in these ridiculous situations that are still believable. Some of the things I did in the earlier films would not be acceptable for a 30-year-old. That’s why I think the penis scene works organically.

Alyson, was it natural to you that Michelle would become the dominatrix?

Alyson: Definitely, especially because she is feeling responsible for letting the spark fade on their sexual life because she’s been so focused on being a mom. She sees this weekend as a way to reinvigorate their lives and remind themselves of where they started.

There’s a lot of real-life, relatable problems in the movie. Which one did you gravitate to the most?

Alyson: Definitely the balancing a relationship with parenthood. My situation wasn’t as extreme as Jim and Michelle’s of course, but when my daughter was born I was definitely all consumed with her. After a couple months we were like, we definitely do need to set aside a date night instead of trying to fit it in between diaper changes. So we try to have a date night every week, even if it’s just having dinner.

Jason: For me, the biggest change in my life personally has been getting married. Getting married for me has shifted my focus in such a profound way. You realize you can’t be so selfish anymore and it’s not just about the other person: it’s about the relationship. Now the next step will be kids and I can’t imagine what that is going to do. It’s interesting to see Jim wrestle with those same big ideas where it’s not just about him anymore. If you think about the first movie, it just rests upon these guys who just want to get laid. And also with Jim and his dad, that’s a great part of the film too. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older my dynamic with my parents has changed quite a bit. A lot of my favorite moments in this movie are not really the funny ones, but the more poignant, sweeter ones. I love how Jim offers his dad advice in this movie. I’ve found that my relationship with my old man has changed considerably. It’s like he’s a new person to me. It’s great because we have a totally different relationship.

After 13 years of being a part of this franchise, are there any characters that you wanted closure for?

Alyson: I love the MILF guys storyline. I love that we really don’t know why they broke up but they’re back together.

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