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Think Like A Man hits theaters April 20 and all the anticipation has us wanting to battle it out to see who’s really on point in the love department: men or women.

VIDEO: GG Presents Think Like A Man Battle Of The Sexes! 

So in keeping with the theme of the movie, GlobalGrind officially presents our own Twitter Battle of the Sexes competition. We want to know who’s got it and who doesn’t! We’re asking our loyal readers to put their relationship skills to the test for a chance to win $500.

Everyday we will be tweeting a dating and relationship question with a female and male response. Whose side are you on? Respond with #GGThinkLikeAMan or #GGThinkLikeALady and let us know who you support!

VIDEO: Battle Of The Sexes: The Triumphs & Tribulations Of Social Media & Dating

One female and one male will win the $500 cash prize! The more times you tweet/RT using the #GGThinkLikeAMan or #GGThinkLikeAWoman hashtag, the more chances you will have to win and also help your team win the battle.

Do you have what it takes? Enter for a chance to win! For the official rules of participation click here!