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A real zombie broke into Terry Richardson’s studio and feasted on his photographer flesh!

Well, not exactly, but Rick Genest, aka “Zombie Boy,” stopped by Terry’s Manhattan studio to take a few pictures with the fashion photog.

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The heavily tattooed model posed for the camera and did all of the typical Terry Richardson poses, including the middle finger pose and the famous Terry Richardson “thumbs up.”

The most surprising picture of all was the one with Zombie Boy actually smiling! The normally grimace-faced model is almost never seen smiling during editorial spreads. With so many morbid tattoos and a name like “Zombie Boy,” we guess nobody ever really wanted to see him smile. 

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It’s a bit scary if you think about it, but it proves that there is a very normal guy under all of that ink.

You can take a look at the full group of pictures from Rick Genest’s visit to Terry Richardson’s studio in the gallery above.