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I am not one to judge anything, definitely not religion or politics. I respect everyone’s beliefs and what they are taught. As people, we all sin and at some point feel greed or jealousy and do things we regret.

Animals, on the other hand, only act from instinct and innocence. I don’t eat meat (although I was caught one time buying KFC, which was for a homeless person begging for food, and it was the closest door I could

find. Note to self: try not to help too many causes in one day lol).
Although I am not a meat-eater, I don’t judge others for eating meat or other animal choices. But one thing I’m extremely traumatized from, is wearing fur. It’s not humane. The animals are brutally tortured. They are not medicated or quickly killed…it’s a slow torture they experience for the indulgence of human fashion. To keep fur original and trendy, the animal is fully awake and its skin is ripped off slow and carefully to keep it in its original form. It’s not like centuries ago where we need this to survive…now we have fake alternatives, which by the way, look the same, if not better and cheaper!

I don’t know whether people are not educated, but knowingly wearing an animal that has screamed to its death is unforgivable. It seems like in the past few years, celebrities have been wearing more and more fur.

People look up to you and it confuses me why you endorse this for no reason. I understand us all making mistakes publicly and can’t always be perfect role models. Trust me I mess up all the time, but having flour or paint put on you is no comparison to this kind of pain. If you want to wear it, you should have to watch it being made.

Where is our compassion button when it comes to this? Maybe there is something I don’t understand here, and I’m missing something? If anyone has a reason for this I’m not aware of, please explain it to me. I genuinely want to know.

-Sophie Monk


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