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It’s another Tuesday and for me the best part has to be the fact that I get to show all of you some cool things I came across this week. It’s time for another installment of Cool Table Tuesdays and if I’m going to be completely honest, today’s installment is one of my favorites. In this installment I genuinely like everything on my list. From the Goyard pocket squares to the Givenchy nose rings, I’m happy to share it all with you. 

Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 18)

In this week’s installment my favorite item, whether you believe it or not, is the Louis Vuitton scarf. The shades of red and blue just go together so perfectly. The oversized damier pattern makes it so that it’s not so easily identifiable as Louis Vuitton but if you know, then you just know. The colors can go with anything and transition from spring right through to fall if you happen to need some heavy neckwear. Either way, as simple as this one is, it’s my favorite item this week.

My second favorite item is the world map all over print Supreme backpack that was done in collaboration with The North Face. I actually missed the last leopard print collaboration. Drake wore the jacket from that collection in the video for “The Motto,” so I feel like I have to capitalize on something from the new collection. There is also a jacket from the collection, which is much lighter for spring, but for me the backpack is where it’s at.

Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 17) 

You can check out these two items and all the other cool things I came across this week in today’s installment of Cool Table Tuesdays. Enjoy!

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