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This may be the craziest story of 2012 so far.

A Chinese woman gave birth over a toilet and her baby was accidentally flushed away.

Yes, that happened.

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Emergency rescue crews launched a frantic effort after the woman lost the baby when it was accidentally flushed away.

Rescue workers had to rip out the toilet and crack waste pipes to find the tiny newborn baby.

According to witnesses, the woman went into the toilet in Zhaoyang District, Beijing and asked her husband to wait outside and when she gave birth to the baby, hovering over the toilet, the baby dropped into the toilet and was accidentally flushed down by waste water.

Apparently the hole in the toilet was big enough to let the newborn slip through and into the waste system.

The desperate mother alerted her husband, who called for emergency services and a team of firefighters arrived and dug out the urinal.

At first the firefighters could not locate the baby, but as they tore up more of the tiled flooring, they located the tiny newborn fifteen minutes later.

The mom and new born were rushed to Tsinghua University Hospital treatment and the baby is currently in a critical condition.

This is the second time a baby has been flushed away in China. In 2006, a 19-year-old in Jiang had a similar experience and her baby was accidentally flushed into the waste pipe, although it was found several hours later and made a full recovery.

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