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After suffering multiple seizures earlier in the year, Rick Ross took some time off from being the Boss to rest and pay extra attention to his health. 

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After the recent tour cancellations many believed that Ross was experiencing new medical issues, but we now know this is not the case.

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A representative for Rick Ross has issued a statement regarding the cancellation of the rapper’s planned tour of Australia clarifying that the cancellations are instead due to contractual disputes.

[Rick] Ross was looking forward to touching the people of Australia, this event as it is the one of biggest urban festivals in Australia, he is very disappointed that he will not be performing,” a rep for Rick Ross told

“It is unfortunate that the payment arrangements did not meet contractual deadlines,” the rep told

Rick Ross isn’t the only one who was experiencing problems with the Australian tour, Diddy was also supposed to perform at Australia’s Supafest, but apparently he ran in to some contractual issues and posted the following message:

“The promoters never sent the money for the show i love you guys! I’m MAD as F**k I’m very upset that the promoters that contracted me to come never fulfilled the damn contract! My 1st ever Australian tour is going to be cancelled because the promoters did not fulfill the contract! CRAZY!!!”

The show, however, must go on. Supafest is in full-swing right now with acts like Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland taking the stage.