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Many rappers claim to “get money,” but only a hand full of rappers (literally) are actually making racks on racks on racks. 

LIST: Forbes 2011 Hip-Hop Cash King: Jay-Z Takes The Throne

Last year, Jay-Z came in as Forbes 2011 Hip-Hop Cash King with an income of $37 million in cold cash for the fiscal 2011 year. 

Jigga man’s biggest contender for the crown as Hip-Hop’s Cash King was none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs himself with a $35 million income. 

A new year has begun and a new Forbes list has been calculated and it’s all about wealth. 

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The wealthiest man in hip-hop is Sean “Diddy” Combs who is worth upwards of half a billion dollars. Forbes calculated that Diddy is worth an estimated $550 Million. 

With assests coming from his Ciroc Vodka deal to his cable network station Revolt, Diddy is truly raking in the dough. Let’s not forget to mention Diddy’s Bad Boy record label and Sean John clothing line are still very lucrative businesses. 

Find out who came in second with a net worth of $460 million in the gallery above!