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In just a quick 30-second clip, we get to see the chameleon-like nature of Queensbridge’s finest rapper, Nas

MUSIC: Nas “Another Black Girl Lost” 

The 30-second clip is the trailer for the video for dancehall influenced banger “The Don,” which is the first single off Nas’ new album. 

We see Nas effortlessly go from the streets to the boardroom. In one scene, the legendary rapper can be seen wearing a white tux in midtown Manhattan. In the next scene, we see “The Don” with street clothes on and a bandanna around his neck, while rapping inside a circle of fire.

Just the many faces of one of rap’s most legendary stars. 

VIDEO: Nas Has Some Words For Jay-Z And Beyonce! 

There’s no known date yet for when the video officially drops, but the clip says Summer 2012 … so we’ll go with that admittedly vague date. 

“The Don,” which was produced by the legendary late Heavy D, Salaam Remi and Da Internz is the first single off Nas’ 10th solo album, Life is Good

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