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School is cool, but not if you’re one of these celebrities. 

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It’s not uncommon to hear your favorite celebrity is a high school or college dropout, but what is uncommon is the overwhelming success these celebs have had with little to no formal education. 

It’s not everyday that you’re faced to make a tough decision: school or music.

“We R Who We R” singer Ke$ha dropped out of high school at 17 years old after producer Dr. Luke convinced her to quit school and move to Los Angeles.

Pop singer Ke$ha isn’t alone in her dropout journey. Against his mother’s wishes rapper Drake dropped out of high school to pursue his career in acting and music.

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Despite not getting his high school diploma, the fictional character Drake played, Jimmy Brooks, received his diploma from Degrassi High School.  

Drake and Ke$ha are just two of many celebs who were determined to go hard or go home after dropping out of school.

GlobalGrind decided to round up 10 successful artists who dropped out of school, but don’t get it twisted, we totally recommend you stay in school. 

The moral of this story, if you drop out of high school there’s still a chance to be successful in America.

Check out successful dropouts in the gallery above!