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GlobalGrind sat down for an exclusive group chat with the amazing cast of Think Like A Man!

The movie, based off Steve Harvey’s book, revolves around a serious battle of the sexes and is one of the most anticipated romantic comedies to date.

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With a superstar cast and some very dynamic men such as Michael EalyChris BrownRomany Malco, and Kevin Hart playing on-screen homies, we are more than sure that these guys know how to woo the ladies.

Check out what the stars themselves thought of the movie. And catch it in theaters today!

GlobalGrind: How fun was it to work on this film?

Gabrielle Union: We’re all really good friends in real life. We genuinely have a great friendship, so we were all together late at night, maybe a little delirious, but you really see all the love come out.

Kevin Hart: (sarcastic tone) I didn’t really like the movie. I’m disappointed in my director and producer. I think the actors could have done a lot more … (serious) Me being part of the movie was a God send. It just depends on how people view it.

Romany Malco: It really does depend on how people view it. I thought that they could have had a real actor play Cedric (Kevin Hart’s character). They could have taken this up to another level and potentially won some awards. Awards ain’t everything.

Kevin Hart: We’re already friends. One of things that you see in this movie is great chemistry on camera and off camera. My favorite part was when we weren’t working. Nobody felt like they were above and beyond everybody else. We stayed and talked the whole movie. To me, that was great because you don’t see that in a lot of films. I tip my hat to everybody up here because we had a comfortable work environment.

The movie showed that maybe women are stronger and able to push men to not be the mama’s boy, to get his music together, to go back home to his wife.

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Do you think that you will receive any backlash from men for that?

Kevin Hart: We touched upon this several times, and here is what I have to say on this: this is the first time you have a romantic comedy where you see it from the male’s point of view. Yes, you still have a group of women telling the story, but as men you get to see us behind the scenes. You see us talk to each other about how we feel about relationships and being who we are. Our advice isn’t necessarily the best advice, but the advice we give each other is what we feel is best for that person. As far as women and them pushing us in the right direction, basically it’s them telling us ‘Hey, if you want a man, sometimes you have to let it be known but without coming off as a bitch about it.’ All the women in this film went about what they wanted in a smart way. It forced men to look at her and say ‘Wow, I have to take her more seriously.’ I don’t think there will be backlash. I think it will show men that they should take women a little more seriously. It shows how to be a man by bettering yourself.

GlobalGrind: Do you think that women have to think like men?

La La: Yes, I think in some instances women have to think like men. Women are way too emotional. If I learned something from the book and the movie, it’s to put emotions to the side and take that moment and then react, because men don’t necessarily function like that. That’s definitely my version of thinking like a man. Just try to be a little less emotional about everything.

Gabrielle: I think a lot of times when people say that, I think what they mean is “use common sense.” I believe that can be applied to both genders. I don’t think it’s something exclusively for a man. There’s a lot of my male friends that identify with the female characters. And a lot of the female characters can identify with the male characters. A lot of these issues cross gender lines. I kind of take offense in the sense of “think like a man” because it’s assuming that you’re not using logic or common sense, which I believe we are all capable of. You have to be extremely articulate about your wants, needs, and desires, and even more importantly, your expectations.

Regina Hall: I think it’s an honor that we can think like a man, and think like a woman. I think it’s harder for a man to think as emotionally as we feel. I feel like women have gifts. That emotion gives us that two cents and a lot of knowing that we usually ignore.

Do you guys see any of yourselves in your characters?

Kevin Hart: Well, I’m divorced for real. I’m actually blessed enough to have an ex-wife that’s my friend. It takes time to get there. In the beginning, I was Cedric. I looked for companionship. You need to be around people and conversation. I think that’s one thing you see about Cedric in the movie. He just wants to be around people so he doesn’t break down and think about what he’s going through in life. For me I could definitely relate to that since I went through that.

Michael Ealy: I used to be a lot like Dominic. I found my motivation and I got self-motivated and now I’m doing my thing. I definitely modeled Dominic on some of the women I have dated recently that are just precious and can’t get it together, but I understand now. I have more sympathy now.

Jerry Ferrara: For me, I was definitely a lot younger with this character being lazy and how, when he gets comfortable, he doesn’t want to do anything to upgrade in a sense. That’s what I was like probably in my earlier 20s. I’ve come a long way and I’m not as afraid of so many things as I was.

How do interracial relationships help mold racial issues in America?

Jerry: The biggest thing with this movie that I loved was that maybe in the past with different filmmakers there may be a moment where you have to address that there’s an interracial relationship. In this movie, it was never an issue. I think that’s how it is and how it should be. The biggest thing for me is that it wasn’t an issue. There wasn’t a point where we had to address it; it just happened. It’s just a couple. That, for me, is the biggest answer.

Gabrielle Union: The thing that me and Jerry noticed was that we got the question about the interracial thing a lot! We’d never talked about it. We talked about sports like boxing, basketball, football. That was our common thread. It was never race at all. What we found interesting is that nobody mentioned that they are functional users. That is the issue! Everytime I’d ask him a serious question, he’d say “I didn’t take the bong yet.” When they show the apartment, you see his bong which is clearly a part of their relationship. That is the big elephant in the room.

Romany: Just because a movie has more than one black person in it, doesn’t make it a black movie either! It’s a movie about relationships. It’s a universal movie that everyone can relate to.

How much of the film was ad libbed?

Kevin: I am proud of a lot. The thing that made it so great was working with a director who let you bring what you really wanted to br

ing to your character and allow you to take chances. Me and him had such a good relationship that we would talk before scenes and I would give him thoughts on what I wanted to do. He would tell me if it was okay or not. I can’t get off the way I got off in this film without a great cast. You need people to set you up and put you in a position to win. Without the actors in this movie, I don’t have the opportunity to be funny. I don’t have the moments where people are dying laughing. I’ll look to them to allow me to improv and feed off of my energy. They literally show me so much love in this film.

Regina, what kind of energy were you feeling to make you do that in your interview?

Regina Hall: I just felt so comfortable. These guys are so great. I know them all well. It was so fun. It’s about trusting your castmates. I don’t know why I did it!