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It was just last episode on Basketball Wives that Royce Reed confessed she and Tampa Bay Buccaneers boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe were in their relationship for the long run.

“We Need To Save Our Black Males!” Royce Reed Takes A Stand For Trayvon Martin

The couple looked very happy and in love on this past Monday’s episode. But just as things seemed to be looking just right, speculation is now circulating that the wide receiver is still caught up on his baby mama!

“Basketball Wives” Star Royce Reed Keeps It 100!

Royce and Dezmon’s baby mama Christina Nero got in a little Twitter beef regarding their respective situations with the footballer. And it was not pretty.

There were even snapshots of text messages that Dezmon sent to Christina’s phone!

Take a look at Royce’s Twitter rant after seeing the texts from Dezmond to Christina, as well as the actual texts below:



What a mess! But Royce seems to be handling it well and taking the high road by not saying anything too nasty. She also seems to be sticking by her man! Good luck girl!

Would you stand by your man if you saw these texts?