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Brick Stowell is the “go-to” guy for Odd Future pictures. He’s been with the crew for years and has been documenting everything!

PHOTOS: Pharrell & Lil Wayne Hit Up Odd Future Concert In Miami

The crew went on tour recently and as you would expect, there were tons of shenanigans going on. Luckily for everyone who wants to really get a behind the scenes look of the entire Odd Future Wolf Gang, Brick Stowell was there to capture it and he recently uploaded a bunch of new additions to his website just for us to finally see.

VIDEO: Odd Future Launches Pop-Up Shop In NYC!

Everything from meeting David Hasselhoff to fans covered in blood at shows are there on display. It really looks like these guys know how to have a great time…minus the bloodshed of course. But what do you expect from an Odd Future show?

You can take a look at all the behind the scenes madness of the entire Odd Future Gang photographed by Brick Stowell in the gallery above.