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A Las Vegas man is behind bars after attempting to hire someone to kill his own wife as a birthday present to himself.

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According to 13 news, police set up a sting operation and used a confidential informant who told them Jorge Victorino-Vazquez was trying to find someone to kill his wife.

Detectives told the informant to meet with Vazquez and an undercover police officer to discuss how the ordeal would play out.

The arrest report read that Vazquez agreed to pay $2,000 to have his wife killed. The undercover officer met Vazquez a second time, when he reportedly paid him $1,000 up front to secure the deal.

Making sure the job would be completed, Vazquez provided the undercover officer with a diagram of his house and detailed how he wanted the killing to happen.

Police said he wanted the hitman to enter his home in the middle of the night, beat him up and kill his wife.

Police recorded conversations with Vazquez and kept the money, diagram and a picture of his wife as evidence.

On their third meeting, Vazquez paid the undercover officer the final $1,000 payment and set the final details for the proposed murder.
Police officers then arrested Vazquez and he now faces charges for burglary, solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder.