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Kevin Hart is riding high with the success of Think Like A Man, but he also stars in another movie, The Five Year Engagement, which opens up everywhere on Friday, April 27th, 2012. 

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart and La La Break Down Think Like A Man

The movie stars Jason Segal and Emily Blunt as a recently engaged couple (Tom and Violet) who are forced to move to Michigan after Violet gets a new job. There she meets Doug, played by Kevin Hart, one of the members on her research team who has a fascination with masturbation. 

EXCLUSIVE: GlobalGrind Goes One on One With The New King Of Comedy

The movie is obviously hilarious and shows a completely different side of the Laugh At My Pain comedian. So when Kevin stopped by NYC he sat down with GlobalGrind’s entertainment editor Xilla Valentine to chat about it!  

Kevin told Xilla about how he plans on waiting before getting married again and even joked about how he wants to examine tall people and how The Five Year Engagement is sorta like a black movie.

Check out the interview above and be sure to go see The Five Year Engagement in theaters tomorrow!

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