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George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper exclusively that his client raised more than $200,000 on his site. 

Zimmerman deleted his website earlier this week as a part of his bail guidelines since he is not to engage in any social media.

STORY: Where He At? George Zimmerman Goes Into Hiding!

The guidelines for Zimmerman’s release state that he must limit who knows his whereabouts to avoid the risk that someone will give him up.

Zimmerman has to refrain from making any public statements, whether via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or his own website, Zimmerman was using his website to help raise money for his legal defense, but now his attorney will take control of raising funds for his legal costs.

A friend of Zimmerman had helped launch the site, but several fake imitation websites and Twitter accounts have popped up in recent weeks. O’Mara said he is trying to clear the Internet of fake sites and set up a defense fund that meets all legal requirements.

Zimmerman went back into hiding Monday and likely fled to another state to avoid threats as he awaits his second-degree murder trial for the killing of Trayvon.

Zimmerman is next scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment on May 8th, but has declined to appear for a formal reading of charges against him. Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty.

The city of Sanford, Florida has been at the epicenter of the Trayvon case. It was announced earlier this week that the City Commission rejected the resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee, who was roundly criticized for not initially charging Zimmerman and had stepped down temporarily in March to let emotions cool.

As for Zimmerman, he can’t go too far as authorities can pinpoint his location with a GPS ankle bracelet that he must wear around the clock. Zimmerman has waived his appearance at his upcoming arraignment next month, so he can stay underground if he wants.

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