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Kanye West has just released the artwork for his new single, Runaway, which he premiered at this years MTV Video Music Awards. The artwork was released today via his twitter page.

The cover follows the theme of the VMA performance, where Kanye had ballet dancers dance gracefully behind him, as shown on the cover.

The song, in combimnation with the series of tweets Kanye West vented through his twitter earlier this month, serves as a full apology to Taylor Swift, for Kanye’s action towards her at last years VMA’s where West jumped on stage and interrupted the young star while she accepted her award.

Not only was it an apology to Taylor Swift but to his fans as well, Kanye apologizes for all the wrong he has done and for what we have had to put up with from him.

Runaway will be featured on Kanye’s fifth studio album, Dark Twisted Fantasy, set to be released on November 16th of this year.



The Official Artwork for Runaway.