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Megan Fox has been at the center of numerous rumors claiming she’s pregnant, but we all got a good glimpse at her and her tummy last night at the Lakers game. 

PHOTOS: Is Megan Fox Bumped Up and Beautiful At Friends With Kids

The Transformers cutie was courtside with her husband Brian Austin Green wearing very baggy clothes, but you could clearly see that she’s not showing. So if Megan is expecting, it’s still too early to see a bump. Maybe that’s why there has been no official announcement yet? 

PHOTOS: Megan Fox Pregnant Rumors Confirmed?

The beautiful 25-year-old bombshell was spotted looking a little bit thicker last month on the red carpet for her new movie Friends With Kids. On that April night she decided to cover up her stomach with a coat and she still hasn’t outright denied the pregnancy rumors. 

Only time will tell if she is or isn’t with child!